Building at the Crossover of Research and Entrepreneurship — Optimizing my Work Ethic

Framework to produce valuable work. Relevant for anyone who doesn’t get well-defined or externally imposed goals.

Harshit Tyagi


That’s me on my desk just tapping some keys!

Before you start working for an organisation, you are basically working in solitude. And the challenge with working solo is that there are no defined and externally imposed goals. You don’t have a laid-out path.

This is a scenario I find myself in every other week or every other month. It is like working at the crossover of research and entrepreneurship.

Research to lay out the goals for your project and leverage entrepreneurship to create or build something that is valuable for someone out there. Aim for it to be truly remarkable. Even if it fails, it should prove your potential to build or solve things.

But this is easier said than done. It is a dynamic system with many moving parts and one can establish and perfect it by putting in consistent efforts over time.

Here’s what I have learned so far in the process of developing a framework that keeps me in the loop for the long run:

1. Read across diverse interests

With no clear ideas or interests to delve deep into, this is going to give you a lot of perspective on how you can leverage different topics and link them to build something valuable.

It is a habit that you’ll have to build and over time it will become a mindset that will thrive on solving complex problems across domains.

It fertilizes your mind with a rich collection of ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Apart from ideas, it allows you to build a network of diversely talented people that you can reach out to.

I recommend reading research papers(something I struggle at but find fascinating at the same time), you can log on to ArXiv for a good source of research papers.

Check out the art of reading scientific research papers, it has everything you need on reading research papers, sources, tools, how-to, and symptoms.

2. Work on two projects