A complete walkthrough of ML systems development lifecycle and need for MLOps

ML Systems Engineering and Operations with their Stakeholders — Image generated by Author

With a special focus on MLOps or ML Engineering

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Documentation, courses, and inspiration for your weekend.

#1 Feature Engineering with TensorFlow

Encompassing everything from fundamentals to building production-ready ML systems

Learning from books, taking down notes, and trying code snippets in colab/jupyter notebooks.

How to think holistically while defining your ML problems

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Art of transforming research experiments in Jupyter notebooks to production pipelines using TensorFlow extended, Apache beam, Kubeflow, and GCP

Architecture powered by TensorFlow Extended — Image by Author

Why do people find it overwhelming to land their first job in Data Science

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A tutorial to build a simple Tableau dashboard

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Pre-requisites for this quick tutorial

Building a habit of reading research papers and everything you need to get started!

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A comprehensive guide to landing freelancing projects on web and data science.

Harshit Tyagi

Web & Data Science Instructional Designer | YouTuber | Writer https://www.youtube.com/c/DataSciencewithHarshit

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